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Who is WIPpitch for?

  • Not-yet-published writers. Whether you're working on your first draft or you're at the editing, querying or publishing stages, WIPpitch is the place for you.
  • Published authors. Are you traditionally-published? Have you self-published your novel? Are you approaching it from another angle? Come along and share your perspective with fellow writers.
  • Literary agents. Looking for your next amazing client? Browse dozens of fantastic pitches from talented writers. Get in first if a story catches your eye.
  • Publishers. Like the sound of a pitch? Why not approach the writer directly and help make their dream a reality?

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What can you do here?

  • Pitch your WIP. In your profile, share a brief pitch for your Work In Progress. Use a great hook and be creative with your 600 characters. You can pitch more than one project, if you like.
  • Explore your community. Connect with others in the Lobby. Share your story ideas in Pitches. Give and receive advice and encouragements in Groups.
  • Learn from others. Read interviews and articles by established authors, editors and literary agents.
  • Participate in events and courses. Join and/or watch our online events as they happen. Download online courses and complete them at your leisure.

What's it all about?

Writing a book is hard. Pitching it can be even harder.

That's why writers need community support, and that's why we created WIPpitch. We wanted to form a safe, helpful space in which querying writers can share ideas, encouragements and personal stories about their individual writing journeys.

We also wanted to give writers a platform to share their book pitches in more detail, where they won't become needles in haystacks. Somewhere literary agents can find and monitor them easily.

That also goes for your Work In Progress. Let the WIPpitch community know what you're working on. Get help and support in your writing journey. Finish your WIPs together.

"WIPpitch has been a great platform to meet and engage with fellow writers. I'm a new writer myself, and the members of WIPpitch have been fantastic in providing advice and guidance when I need it. I'm still very new to the writer space, but the people in the WIPpitch community have always made me feel welcome. For those searching for a writers group/community, you needn't look any further than WIPpitch." ~ Peter

How to set up your WIPpitch profile:

  1. Add a headshot photo and cover image (you can use your cover to display info about yourself or your published books, if you have any).
  2. Add your name and bio.
  3. Use the About Me section to creatively share your pitch. There's enough space here to pitch 2-3 books, but your first should always be for your WIP (Work In Progress). Let other readers and browsing agents know what you're working on right now.
  4. Insert links to your socials, website, places to buy your books, etc.
  5. Add your Speciality (the primary genre in which you write). If it's not on the list, let us know and we'll update it.
  6. Add your location and timezone.

What should you do next?

  1. Add your pitch to (you guessed it!) Pitches and include the appropriate hashtag (eg. #fantasy) to ensure it's easy to discover. You can copy and paste from your profile or use a different version.
  2. Browse pitches from other writers and Cheer your favourites. Don't forget to Follow other members and grow your connections.
  3. Visit the Lobby, share a post or two, and connect with other writers.
  4. Browse our Groups, read the articles and interviews they contain, and share your thoughts or questions.
  5. Know someone who'd enjoy this community? Why not invite them to join

Before You Join...

Please agree to abide by our community guidelines:

  • Respect other members. Be kind and supportive.
  • Refrain from using profanity, slurs, or hate speech. We won't tolerate it.
  • Don't spam the home timeline. Try to stay "book-centric", if you can.
  • Give more than you take.
  • Limit posts plugging your published books to once per day.
  • Please don't try to sell anything else. Speak to the moderator if you're interested in promotion.

By joining the WIPpitch community, you agree to follow the above guidelines and acknowledge that you may be removed for violating them.